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Provided each existing logger is “attached” to the location within LTO, then a logger used with a LTI-WM-WiFi is considered to be a location, and real time data and notifications will be uploaded to LTO.
You can upload data from a logger which is attached to a location using a standard USB interface cradle or a WiFi interface cradle.
Yes. If a logger is attached to a location, data uploaded from that logger using a non-WiFi device is also treated as location data. Logger data uploaded to LogTag Online (LTO) via a WiFi device doesn’t appear in location data if the logger is not “attached” to the location. For example, a clinic may have three fridges, one of which contains highly sensitive vaccines which is monitored in real time by a TRED30-16R (attached to the location) + a LTI-WM-WiFi. Data collected from this fridge will appear as real time data in the associated and configured ‘location’ in LTO. The other two fridges contain less-sensitive vaccines and are monitored by TRED30-16Rs which are downloaded weekly. If these TRED30-16Rs are NOT attached to a location, data uploaded weekly to LTO via a LTI-HID or a LTI-WiFi or even a LTI-WM-WiFi will appear as LTD file data in the “LogTag Drive" section of LTO. If these TRED30-16Rs ARE attached to a location, data uploaded weekly to LTO via a LTI-HID or a LTI-WiFi or a LTI-WM-WiFi, will appear in the associated and configured ‘location’. This in turn means that notifications, reports and event logs can be generated for the attached loggers. The key point is not the interface device used, but the attachment (or not) of the logger to the location.
The annual subscription for each location is required regardless of whether the data is uploaded in real time or not. Storage of data files uploaded from loggers NOT attached to a location is free though the number of files limited depending on the account type and number of subscriptions. Data from the loggers can be uploaded to LogTag Online directly using a LTI-WiFi interface cradle, or via a LTI-HID/LTI-USB and LogTag Analyzer 3.